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Hiking with dogs

A hike in the fresh air of the Tyrolean mountains is good for the body and soul of human and animal. Whether you want to take a nice walk in the valley or hike with your dog up to an alpine hut and enjoy culinary delights depends on your condition. You can also climb one of the many imposing peaks in the surrounding mountains. 
If you want to take an easier and less strenuous way up the mountains, there are various mountain lifts in the region available that will whisk you, your family and your dog to a peak. 
However you climb the mountains towards the heavens, the fresh air, the view and the experiences on the way will be memories for you and your dog.

The Triassic Park on the Waidringer Steinplatte

In the midst of the Kitzbühler alps, the dinosaur park for all ages.

The Triassic Park is the perfect excursion destination for families. In a playful way, it teaches children about prehistoric times and everything about dinosaurs. The Steinplatte is the largest dry reef in Europe and sea reptiles lived here over 200 million years ago. The Triassic Park is open in the summer, and now also in the winter. In the winter and in the summer you can get up to the Steinplatte with the gondola from the Steinplatte car park and back down again. For all kids, who don't want to carve down the slopes in the winter, there is child care in the Triassic Park. They can play outside, and when it gets too cold, they can stay in where it's warm and continue to learn, play and do crafts


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