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Here we would like to introduce you to the partners of our house, whose products / services we would like to highly recommend or whose products you can partially find in our apartments (unpaid advertising)


Kikis Dogcare

Dog sitting in our house or in Fieberbrunn as a day care center including pick-up and delivery service) BARF meat on request including delivery.


The relaxation system for anxious and restless dogs, or dogs that do not come to rest easily. Also available from us in the reception shop.

Pauls Manufaktur

High quality, funny toys, decorations and useful items as well as nice gifts for dog owners.


Handmade and customizable dog bowls and treat tins.


The handmade, individual dog bed system as well as everything to do with sleeping for the dog.

Emma und Yvi Kuschelkisten

Cuddle boxes made from recycled fruit boxes, individually designed dog baskets, signs and toy boxes.

4 Legs only

fashion, style and accessories for everything to do with dogs.


Unusual, individually handcrafted bags from snack bags to weekend shoppers.


Individual, handmade leashes, collars and harnesses made of paracord and biothane.


Pamela Weber
Stöcklleite 3
6384 Waidring

Tel: +43 664 460 6966
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.