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This is us

The hosts

We are Monty, Louis and Barney - 3 Italian greyhounds and inspiration for our heart project as well as me, Pam, a typical Tyrolean who is very attached to her home country and who gathered all her courage in 2019 to realize the heart project "Holidays with dogs – Urlaub mit Hunde" in Waidring. But let's start at the beginning ... how it all began ...

My career is absolutely not linear ... I started working in tourism and continuously trained up to a bachelor's and 3 master’s degrees. I studied business administration with additional degrees in business psychology and change management and I worked for many years as a personnel manager in well-known companies. Working with people has always given me a lot of pleasure, but something was missing in my life ... a little furry friend. Since dogs were welcome in the office of my employer at the time, Monty finally moved in with me in 2017. He was my little psychologist in the office and made me go back to explore the places of my childhood on our daily walking-trips in the beautiful alps of Tyrol.

As you probably know… one dog is not enough - so a few months later, Louis moved in with us, completing us as an office team and also on our trips through the beautiful landscape of Tyrol. Anyone who has a very time-consuming job knows that you always have the feeling that it is not enough for your furry friends, even though you do everything to do everyone and everything justice. So our first vacation together was planned - we were really looking forward to it and were looking for suitable accommodation. Not so easy with 2 dogs, but of course not impossible. So we went off to the sea. Every basket, every bowl, simply everything had to have space in our car so that we were packed up for a week as if we were moving. We stayed in an apartment with very kind hosts, but that was not the vacation I was looking for. The fence might keep large dogs, but no Italian Greyhound ... so I had to keep the two boys permanently on the leash. There was also no freezer, just a fridge with no additional freezing capacity - an absolute horror as a raw feeder. I could list a lot more…. With lots of experiences in our luggage we went back home. BUT ... after the vacation is before vacation, so this time I tried to find an accommodation where we have these amenities that are important to us. But then, surprisingly, little Barney moved in ... with 3 dogs it was really complicated. At some point we found the right apartment (we as humans still also have a few claims) and when I received the offer, it brought me down to earth. The night would have been more expensive for the dogs than for one of us.

Today I have to say:

Fortunately (I was very sad because we didn't go on that vacation). Why fortunately? Well, that was the start for our heart project, “Holidays with dogs – Urlaub mit Hunde”. At first just as an idea and a joke, a business plan was created and suddenly the thoughts became more concrete, so that I started looking for the right property. Many objects viewed, but everywhere our heart project would only have been possible with some cutbacks. Until in the real estate news showed up our house in October 2019. Exactly 8 days have passed from the discovery, the inspection and the binding purchase offer. Fortunately, the seller accepted and the sales contract was made. So our journey began with the goal of grand opening on 1.5.2020 after the renovation. The work was progressing well and the schedule was perfect - but then Corona came and from one day to the next the world was upside down for all of us. The first lockdown prevented further work on the house and no one knew how or when it could continue. Fortunately, after a few weeks it became clearer again and the renovation could continue. Due to the ban on accommodation and the border closings, the opening was delayed to June 18, 2020. From this point on, our efforts, our heart and soul and our many thoughts were worth it. Since then we are happy to have so many dear guests, dog lovers and of course their cute furry friends!

Our job couldn't be nicer - hosts with a heart! This motivates us to give the best for our guests every day and to sweeten the best time of the year for them!

Your Pam with Monty, Louis and Barney


Pamela Weber
Stöcklleite 3
6384 Waidring

Tel: +43 664 460 6966
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.